Keeping your home clean is no easy task. Trying to balance cleaning your house with a family life, social life and of course that day job that keeps getting in the way.

To help you with selecting a new cleaning service for you home, we wanted to provide you with some of the key questions you should be asking yourself before looking for new cleaning services.

Here are 5 items we recommend you think about when hiring cleaning services for your home:

#1 – How often do you want your home cleaned

Most common cleaning frequencies are weekly or biweekly. If you look to stretch it out further you may end up paying more as the cleaners will be at your home longer when they do come to clean.

Depending on the size of your home, our recommendation is typically a biweekly light clean and adding a biannual deep / heavy duty clean to get into the areas that are not touch during the ongoing light cleanings (behind the fridge and stove, baseboards, spot clean walls etc.).

#2 – What areas of the home do you want cleaned

Easy answer is always the entire house, however if there are rooms or areas where you don’t want the cleaners going or that are just not used, deciding this in advance will help with getting an accurate quote and get you what you are really looking for with your home cleaning.

Occasionally we see that homeowners do not want their offices cleaned and depending on the how often the basement or guest areas are used, they may only require cleaning on a rotating basis (i.e. monthly).

#3 – Professional cleaning company versus independent cleaning company / personal cleaner

Deciding this at the start will help you identify where to find the companies or individuals you would like to get a quote from. Both advertise in different areas and will provide quotes in different ways.

Professional cleaning services can be found through Google (the ads at the top of your search results) or HomeStars, bring their own cleaning equipment and supplies and will typically require an appointment to take a look at your home to provide you with a written, flat fee quote (not hourly) for house cleaning services.

Independent cleaning companies or personal cleaners are normally found through Kijiji, flyers in your mailbox or local community news boards, will require you to provide cleaning equipment and supplies and will provide you with an hourly rate fee for cleaning services.

#4 – What services do you need today and ongoing for your home

Deciding what your homes needs are now for cleaning as well as what may come up in the future is important to think about when selecting someone. Independent cleaning companies or personal cleaners tend to only offer light cleaning while most professional cleaning companies will offer a wide variety of other cleaning services.

Where this becomes important to you is when additional deep / heavy cleanings are needed or you are looking for custom cleaning services such as tile and grout cleaning, mattress cleaning etc. or need to have other items addressed around your home, having one place to contact will save you time by not having to source and screen new companies.

#5 – How much do you really want to pay

Remember cheapest if not always best. We recommend that you define what your cleaning needs really are and determining how much you can afford for the cleaning services you are looking for. Being honest and upfront with your budget will save you a lot of time by not having to go through a bunch of appointments to get a quote.

In some cases professional cleaning services will be able to provide you with an online quote for cleaning service and not require an appointment. If you would like to receive a quote from Bespoke Maintenance for cleaning services, please click here.

Final Thought

Selecting a cleaning service that is right for you is no easy task. It will take some time on your part to evaluate prospective companies or people, check their references, insurance, WSIB coverage and then finally getting through that first clean.

If you would like to download a checklist to help with selecting the right cleaning service or personnel, please click on the banner below.

Good luck!