Bespoke Maintenance on HGTV’s Bryan Inc.

Bespoke Maintenance has appeared on Season 1 & 2 of HGTV’s Bryan Inc.!

Bespoke Maintenance has been delighted to appear on Season 1 & 2 of HGTV’s Bryan Inc. to provide post renovation cleaning and custom cleaning services at several properties featured on Bryan Inc.

Below are a few pictures from the Highview property from Season 1 of Bryan Inc. The Bespoke Maintenance team worked with fellow Baeumler Approved member Dirt ‘B’ Gone to prepare the house for the final showcasing that was filmed and revealed on HGTV.

It was a pleasure working with Bryan and Sarah on this project and we look forward to working with them again!

Bryan’ Instagram post with Andrew Thurston from Bespoke Maintenance.

Bryan doing his thing while filming Bryan Inc.

Bryan and Sarah with Andrew from Bespoke Maintenance and Scott and Tiffany from Dirt ‘B’ Gone.

Various shots at Highview. If you want to see more you will need to watch the episode!

Bryan and Bespoke Maintenance’s Andrew Thurston at the Highview home from Bryan Inc.

Sarah and Bespoke Maintenance’s Andrew Thurston at the Highview home from Bryan Inc.

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