What maintenance does my home need?

This is one of the questions we get all of the time, what maintenance does my home need?

At Bespoke Maintenance, we know that every home is unique and that every homeowner has their own list of priorities when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their home. However, all homes have a core set of items that need to be regularly addressed to ensure that your home is running efficiently and safely. This includes items such as heating and cooling, roof, foundation integrity, electrical, plumbing etc.

Why should I maintain my home?
Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prolong the life of the systems in your home, protect the value of your home, as well as, help ensure that all family members living in the home are kept just a little bit safer and healthier. We all take our cars in for regular service. Why not do the same for our homes? After all, your home is where you and your family spend most of their time.

How we can help you
We will work with you to put your home on a regular cleaning and maintenance plan that is designed to help ensure that it is operating efficiently and safely.

Below are some of the more common issues we see around homes that we help home owners identify and repair as needed.

Checking your roof, foundation, downspouts and eavestroughs to make sure water is not getting in and causing damage

Inspecting vents, fans and exhausts to make sure they are clean and able to operate efficiently

Verifying the electrical panel is marked correctly, circuits are not overloaded and outlets and switches are operating correctly

Making sure that drains are cleaned regularly and are flowing normally as slow drains can be a sign of a much larger issue

Cleaning vents and ensuring the heating and cooling system is operating efficiently and the filter is changed regularly

Getting back to those quick fixes that were made around the house and preventing them from becoming a larger issue

Checking toilets, sinks and all plumbing for water leaks or other issues that can cause major damage to your home

Making sure all doors (including the garage door) are working correctly and lubricating regularly to help them last longer

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